Removing the burden

Reception and mail-room management are examples of basic everyday activities within an organisation that are essential for creating an efficient business. When support services are outsourced to AGFM, we remove the administrative burden to the customer by providing skilled employees who deliver a rigorous level of accountability and reliable task performance. This frees up the customer’s managers to focus on their core duties without worrying about the basic daily activities.

Helpdesk AGFM

FM Helpdesk is staffed by trained and dedicated professionals who first listen intently then respond instantly. Only organized people with an ability to multitask are ever recruited to our Helpdesk. The coordinated solutions they offer will be based on extensive experience.

                                     What we do

We deliver a wide range of support services which can be combined in numerous ways according to the customer’s needs. Creating a flexible, transparent and tailor-made solution in close dialogue with the customer, based essentially on standard procedures and modules, enables the customer to scale services to meet changing needs. By providing the customer with a progressive and broad overview of support services we give the customer complete insight into costs.

Support excellence

One single point of contact

Behind every successful business lie smooth-running office support services. These everyday activities such as reception services, mailroom, office supplies and pottering all play an essential, and often overlooked, role in creating an efficient business.

AGFM provides all of these vital services from one reliable single point of contact. This frees managers to focus on their core activity, without worrying about those business essentials. It enhances the productivity of the customer’s workforce, removing a hefty administrative burden. And it improves the image of the customer’s company.

Back of House

Helpdesk Service

Printing & coping

Storage management

Office furniture management

Interior landscaping & décor

Stationary/office supplies

Internal logistics

Document management &


Mail handling

Shipping & receivables

Moves, adds & changes

Help desk/call centre

and more….

Labour Supply

Temporary workers

Search & selection


and more….

Welfare Facilities

Sports facilities

(Indoor & outdoor)

Recreational & medical/

Physiotherapy services

Fruit services

Indoor plants/flower


and more

Front of House

Reception services


Hostess services

Conference services

Event services

and more….

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